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[   ]4D gravity changes associated with the 2005 eruption of Sierra Negra volcano Galapagos.pdf2012-10-07 17:27 761K 
[   ]Crustal deformation in the Central Ionian Islands Greece.pdf2012-10-07 17:27 5.1M 
[   ]Deformation of Stromboli volcano Italy during the 2007 eruption.pdf2012-10-07 17:27 16M 
[   ]Estimation of Arctic glaacier motion with satellite L-band SAR data.pdf2012-10-07 17:27 2.7M 
[   ]Evolution of a magma-driven earthquake swarm and triggering of the nearby Oldoinyo Lengai eruption.pdf2012-10-07 17:27 4.5M 
[   ]Ground deformation patterns at Mt Etna from 1993 to 2000 from joint use of InSAR and GPS.pdf2012-10-07 17:27 4.2M 
[   ]InSAR analyses of terrain deformation near the Wieliczka Salt Mine Poland.pdf2012-10-07 17:27 3.9M 
[   ]Magnitude and duration of surface uplift above the Socorro magma body.pdf2012-10-07 17:27 818K 
[   ]Monitoring of Belvedere Glacier using a wide angle GB-SAR interferometer.pdf2012-10-07 17:27 839K 
[   ]Rheologic controls on inter-rifting deformation of the Northern Volcanic Zone Iceland.pdf2012-10-07 17:27 2.8M 
[   ]Satellite observation of coal mining subsidence by persistent scatterer analysis.pdf2012-10-07 17:27 2.0M 
[   ]Subsidence in the geothermal fields of the Taupo Volcanic Zone New Zealand from 1996 to 2005.pdf2012-10-07 17:27 5.2M 
[   ]Surface deformation of Long Valley caldera and Mono Basin California investigated with the SBAS-InSAR approach.pdf2012-10-07 17:27 973K 
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