Opportunities at RS/GIS Lab.



Research student positions towards M.S. and/or Ph.D. degrees

    Prospective Topics:

        - Motion of Glacier near Jangbogo Antarctic Research Station using satellite InSAR, GB-SAR and in situ data

        - Ground-Based SAR system development and its application to various targets such as forest, crops, buildings and coast.

        - Satellite InSAR motion detection of earthquake and volcano

        - Sedimentary study on intertidal flat by satellite SAR and GB-SAR


    Support: In most cases, students are actively involved in research projects and receive monthly stipend.


    Requirement: Degree holders of various disciplines such as Geophysics, Geology, Physics, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering or Computer Science.


    Application Procedure: Submission of application begins on November and May each year (one month earlier for foreign students).


    Further inquires: Please contact Prof. Hoonyol Lee at Department of Geophysics, Kangwon National University via email hoonyol@kangwon.ac.kr or telephone +82-(0)33-250-8587.