(SAR Ocean Processor)



This is a free software to extract ocean wind, wave and current from SAR data. The software was coded in ANSI-C language and is provided "as it is", which means that the author of this program will not take any responsibility on its quality or accuracy. Currently, it only takes Radarsat-1 SLC (Single-Look Complex) data as an input. The output is designed to be easily accessible by ERMapper. SOP could be developed further to deal with various kind of SAR data or be made compatible with other remote-sensing data-handling software upon user's sincere requests or by cooperative works such as algorithm developments, program coding, or obtaining in situ data. This work was supported by MOERI/KORDI (Branch of Maritime Ocean Engineering Research Institute, Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute), 2006. The SOP software can be used and modified freely only for educational and research purposes. No part of SOP should be used commercially without the author's authorization.



The SOP software was coded by:


Prof. Hoonyol Lee  


RS/GIS Laboratory

Department of Geophysics

Kangwon National University


Kangwon-do 200-701

Republic of Korea


Tel: +82-33-250-8587

Fax: +82-33-244-8580


Lab. Homepage:

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1. 강문경, 박용욱, 이문진, 이훈열, 2007. SAR를 이용한 해풍, 파랑, 해류 추출 기법 연구, 한국항해항만학회지, 제 31권 1호, pp. 35~42.

2. 강문경, 박용욱, 이훈열, 이문진, 2006. SAR를 이용한 해풍, 파랑, 해류 추출 기법 연구, 한국항해항만학회 2006 추계학술대회,  순천, 12월 08일.

3. 이훈열, 강문경, 박용욱, 한승하, 김준수, 2006. SAR를 이용한 파랑분석 원천기술 개발, 해양시스템안전연구소, 11월.


Program Inputs and Outputs:

Input: Radarsat-1 SLC



    1. SLC Header Off (ERMapper format)

    2. Multilook Image (by average)

    3. Wind:

        - Backscattering Coefficient (Sigma_naught, dB)

        - CMOD_4 Wind Speed (m/s)

        - CMOD_IFR2 Wind Speed (m/s)

    4. Wave:

        - Wave Spectrum

        - Interlook Cross Spectrum

        - Multilook (from interlook processing)

    5. Current:

        - Doppler Image

        - Doppler shift (vector file)

        - Velocity (vector file)

        - Velocity (text file)



Initial: 17 July 2006

SOP version 0.1 (18 July 2006): SLC extraction

SOP version 0.2 (24 July 2006): Multilook and SAR wave

SOP version 0.3 (25 July 2006): Doppler for current

SOP version 0.4 (12 August 2006): Inter-Look Cross Spectrum

SOP version 0.9 (10 November 2006): Wind, Wave and Current

SOP version 1.0 (20 November 2006): true incidence angle

SOP version 1.1 (22 November 2006): spliting wave and current algorithms

SOP version 1.2 (19 March 2007): cyclic average in current Doppler



The program is tested under Cygwin environment.


Compile example: cc  -o  sop  sop.c

Run example: sop prepared_parameter_file > any_log_file  &

Preparation of parameter file: refer to an example parameter file "sop.pam" or read the source code (sorry!).


SOP Forum:




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