eSAR Processor

(educational Synthetic Aperture Radar Processor)



This is a free software for SAR focusing from raw data using rectangular (range-Doppler) algorithm. The program is written entirely in ANSI-C and run in command line style for educational purpose. The source code and sample data is open for everyone who wants to study the principle of SAR image acquisition and subsequent signal processing.


Download for Windows, or  esar12.tar.gz for Unix.





eSAR Processor: A paper submitted to the Korean Journal of Remote Sensing written in Korean, March 2005

eSAR Processor: A powerpoint presented at the Korean Geophysical Society Meeting in 2004

SAR Scientific User's Guide from Alaska SAR Facility


ERS-1/2 SAR Raw Data Format

Radarsat-1 SAR Raw Data Format

JERS-1 SAR Raw Data Format


JERS-1 Science Program '99

Hoonyol Lee's PhD Thesis



Course Work

Synthetic Aperture Radar

SAR Focusing - Rectangular Algorithm

Mid-term exam: SAR Focusing

Computer Setup for eSAR Processor

SAR Interferometry

Final exam: SAR Interferometry


eSAR Forum




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