1. Instruments

  2. Hyogo-Ken-Nanbu Earthquake (Differential Interferogram)

  3. NW Kagoshima Prefecture Earthquake (Differential Interferogram)

  4. Change Detection of the Mt. Iwate and Shizukuishi

  5. Derormation of the 1995 North Sakhalin earthquake deteced by JERS-1 SAR interferometory

  6. Coseismic Crustal Deformations of 1994 Northridge California,Earthquake Detected by Interferometric JERS-1 SAR

  7. Mt. Fuji DEM using the SAR interferometry

  8. Interferometirc Techniques (Broun peak, Tanegashima, Yakushima)

  9. JERS-1 OPS Stereo

  10. South America Mosaic

  11. JERS-1 SAR Mosaic of Equatorial Africa

  12. Mosaic Image in New Guinea and Northern Australia

  13. Mosaic Image in Rondonia

  14. The central floodplain of the Cong river in Central Africa

  15. Multi-temporal JERS-1 SAR Image of the Cong in Central Africa

  16. Annual variation of forest inundation in the Jau River, Amazon, Brazil

  17. Detection of Ice Thickness Change for Lake Ice using JERS-1 SAR Interferometry

  18. Drifting Oil Detection with JERS-1 OPS

  19. Soil Moisture Distribution Derived by JERS-1 SAR

  20. Monitoring of irrigated rice by JERS-1 SAR Image in West Malaysia

  21. Vegetation Types Classified from Multi-temporal JERS-1 SAR Image

  22. Measurement of Ships Verocity Vector with JERS-1 OPS

  23. Forest Fire in Mongolia

JERS-1 Earth View Image List

JERS-1 Earth View Abbreviations

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